Half-Hexagon are very interesting shapes to work with.


They are created by splitting a Hexagon down the middle from point to point (although strictly speaking they should be categorised as ‘Rectangles’ or ‘Trapezes’). One of the best known and intriguing patterns created with Half-Hexagons is ‘Inner City’. It achieves it 3D effect simply by using 3 shades of colour. Half-Hexagons can also be used as filling-in shapes to ‘square off’ a Hexagon pattern. 


Please be aware that we measure the size of our Half-Hexagons by the length of the short edges (as indicated in the diagram. By default the long edge of the Half-Hexagon is 2-times the length of the short edge.) This makes it easy to find the correct size for coordinating pattern shapes. For example: 1 inch Half-Hexagons will fit 1 inch Hexagons or 60˚ Diamonds, or Isometric Triangles on the short edge, and 2 inch size shapes on the long edge.

Half-Hexagon (1")