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Longarm Information

Longarm Training Course

Have you heard the latest news?

We now have an Amara 10ft Longarm machine in Work Room.

We are looking to train customers to use the long arm machine so that you can then hire the machine on a daily basis. 


You will need to complete a TWO-day training course (one day training and one day quilting), which will include loading the machine and using the pro-stitcher to complete edge to edge quilting on your quilt.  Edge to edge quilting is using a digital design that covers your whole quilt from top to bottom.  Individual designs for blocks, sashing or borders are custom quilting and will require extra training.


The training is one to one basis only and you will need to complete the training to be able to hire the machine.  


The cost of the TWO-day course will be £150.00 which also includes quilting one of your own quilts on the second day.  The first day will be from 10am to 2pm.  The second day will be from 9am to 4pm.  Your own quilt needs to be no larger than 60" x 70".

You will be given a training document to keep so that on hiring you will have detailed instructions but of course all staff at the shop are trained to help if needed.

Daily hiring will be £95.00 for the day from 9am to 4pm.  We recommend only one quilt to be quilted in this time.  If you run over time, you will be charged £15.00 per hour.  

Book your space now.  New dates for 2024 are now available.

Longarm Quilting Service

We are now offering a professional edge to edge quilting service to those that would like their quilts quilted.  We have a Handi Quilter Amara 10ft longarm machine with a prostitcher for computerised quilting.  Our edge to edge service allows for longarm quilting up to king size with a choice of over 150 designs. 

For those without the space we offer a simple basting service to piece together

the quilt top, wadding and backing.








Quilt Measurements

up to 40" x 50"

up to 60" x 70"

up to 70" x 90"

up to 80" x 95"

up to 95" x 100"

up to 100" x 100"















Binding Front Only







Binding Front & Back







Quilt Top

Do not baste your quilt as your quilt goes on our longarm machine in three separate layers so there is no need to baste.  If your quilt is directional, pin a note indicating the top end.  Have your quilt insured if you are posting it.  This is worth doing and your post office can help you with this.  When we post quilts back we always have them insured with Royal Mail Special Delivery.



We use Glide threads on our longarm machine with a range of colours and variegated threads to choose from.  The cost of the threads is included in the quilting costs.


After quilting, we will trim the edges of your quilt to the same level as your quilt top.  If you prefer us to leave your quilt untrimmed please let us know when you book your quilt in.

Quilt Backing

It is very important to ensure that your backing fabric is at least 4” larger than your top in all directions. If there is a joining seam it should have a ½” seam allowance pressed open. If you are buying backing from us, we will cut it in the most economical way for your top and any surplus will be returned to you with your completed quilt.

Please remove selvedge edges from any internal seams on your backing, as they will shrink more when washed and may cause distortion of your quilt backing.  Please also be aware of any colour printing/writing on the edges of your fabrics which may show through on seam allowances.


If you send wadding with your quilt top, please ensure that it is between 3” and 6” larger than your top in all directions.

We do have the following wadding in stock if you wish to purchase wadding from us.


Bamboo/Cotton (50/50)

100% Cotton Supersoft - White

100% Cotton Supersoft - Cream

Cotton/Polyester (80/20) - Cream


@£15.99 per metre

@£16.99 per metre

@£16.99 per metre

@£15.99 per metre


We can attach your binding to your quilt if required, either to the front only for you to complete by hand, or front and back, where we machine the binding to the front and hand sew the binding to the back of your quilt.


Please make sure your binding is cut and ready (fabric strips cut at 2 & 1/4 inch and ironed in half).  We can make the binding for you at an extra cost of £10.00.  If you want us to make the binding please make sure that we have at least 1/2 a metre of fabric.

Please refer to the price list to determine the cost of adding on binding, calculated on the size of your quilt.

To request more information or to book our quilting service please complete the below request form and we will contact you via email or phone requiring your booking.  Please note that our quilting lead time is four weeks from receiving your quilt.

Longarm Quilting Service Request

Thank you for your request - we will be in touch soon.

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