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About Us

About Us

Little Shop of Fabrics is a sole trader company in England.  Little Shop of Fabrics supplies patchwork, dressmaking and haberdashery supplies and services.  The company has been established since March 2017.  We are a team of three working in our shop in Smarden, Kent.   



All of the prices on the site are in UK British Pounds Sterling. If you have any questions or queries, please email us at   If you are emailing about an order or have a specific enquiry then please can you help us by including your name, telephone and postcode and an order number if you have one.

Please note for general enquiries we aim to respond to your email within 2 to 3 working days.


Patchwork Fabrics Information

All patchwork fabrics are 100% cotton with a nominal width of 106-114cm (42"-44") unless stated otherwise.  Due to the limitations of colour printing, image colours may vary from actual fabric colours, with certain colours (such as reds) being particularly difficult to reproduce. Use the images on this online shop only as a guide, please do not use them to colour match fabric.


Long Quarters are cut at 10 inches wide by 42/44 inches length.

Half a Metre is cut at 20 inches wide by 42/44 inches length.

Three Quarters of a Metre is cut at 30 inches wide by 42/44 inches length.

A Metre is cut at 40 inches by 42/44 inches length.


Fat Quarters Bundles

Some of our packs are cut as Fat Quarters. To get a Fat Quarter, the fabric is cut at 19inchs and then cut halfway along the width (22inchs) to give a fatter piece of fabric.  Fat Quarter Bundles are made up of a number of Fat Quarters, normally six, eight or twelve.


Washing Patchwork Fabrics.

Some people prefer not to prewash fabric, but prewashing new fabrics generally ensures that there will be no uneven shrinkage and no transfer of colours when the finished piece is washed. These guidelines apply to most 100% cotton fabrics, but we would always advise testing a small piece

first as manufacturing processes do vary:


  • Unfold all fabrics before putting into the washing machine.


  • Wash light coloured fabrics in tepid water with a phosphate free detergent.


  • Soak dark coloured fabrics individually in cold water for approximately half an hour and then machine wash in cold water with a phosphate free detergent.


  • Ensure your washing machine is set to a low spin cycle, Tumble fabric almost dry then

remove and press with an iron.


Completed quilts made from light and dark fabrics should only be washed in cold water.

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